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"Asha has helped me in so many different ways: depression, headaches and with my skin. Another way is with my health and energy levels, I am thankful for her helping me and recommend her to anyone."
-Sonia F.


"As I was going through a major life changing period of my life it was taking quite a toll on my health. I was experiencing insomnia, anxiety, depression and hair loss. The thought of taking conventional prescription medication and experiencing all the negative side effects did not sit well with me. I decided to look for a natural alternative. I was highly recommended to Asha Patel at Old Town Ayurveda. Asha is knowledgable, personable and attentive. She has a genuine interest in helpig her patients, which is rare to find these days. Asha actively listened to the symptoms I was experiencing and did a thorough analysis. She mixed up herbal teas to naturally help alleviate the negative health symptoms that I was experiencing and gave me a list of relaxation techniques to complete. Within a week I was sleeping better at night and I was no longer experiencing the elevated symptoms of anxiety and depression. She also gave me an Indian oil remedy to massage my scalp to assist with the hair loss. I would recommend anyone looking for a natural alternative to make an appointment with Asha."


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