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Individualized Nutritional Guidance:                                                                                         $180.00
90 minute appointment + 1 30 minute follow-up
Each person is unique, just as each fingerprint is unique. Learn how to feed your body through a customized diet that is meant for your body to stay in optimal health. Ayurveda recognizes that each individual's needs are unique to their digestion. Learning this helps to counter diseases at their root and help with chronic issues.


Lifestyle Modification Counseling:   60 minute appointment                                                    $95.00
Using Ayurvedic principals establish balance in your life through the understanding of daily rituals and how beneficial they are for nurturing your health.


Marma Therapy:  60-75 minute appointment                                                                          $85.00
This is an ancient Indian practice that focuses on the manipulation  of subtle energy (prana) in the body for the purpose of supporting the healing process. Marmas are junctions where multiple types of tissue meet. When imbalances block the free flowing movement of energy through these points the resulting stagnation could lead to physical and mental discomfort and/or disease. The treatment accesses the body's innate energy intelligence, which leads to overall health.


Restorative Yoga:                                                                                                                   $20.00
60 minute group session- Wednesdays 7-8:15pm (private lessons available upon request)
Learn to quiet and rejuvenate your mind and body through a regular practice of restorative yoga. These mindfulness exercises will not only relax you but will bring peace through the release of  both muscular and mental tension. A must in today's world!


Chakra Balancing:     50 minute appointment                                                                       $85.00
Clear the seven subtle energy centers where matter, energy and consciousness come together. When not in balance you may feel disconnected, depleted or sad. Each chakra is connected to a key endocrine gland and nervous system in your body. Any energy deficiency could lead to potential physical ailment.


Customized herbal remedies:                                                                                           $20 and up
(Available in pill form for an additional cost)
Herbal remedies are formulated based on individual needs.


Aromatherapy blends                                                                                                       $20 and up
Custom formulated based on individual ailment.


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