Old Town Ayurveda
Old Town Ayurveda

Types of classes available:

Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation - $20 per class

 Every wednesday evening at 7pm. Space is limited so please call and reserve your spot. (Bring a mat).

 Limited individual classes are available. Please contact me to request  class.


Moon Circle - 2 sessions class - $35 each session

Every month on the sunday before the full moon we gather to discuss the effects of that particular moon cycle as it interacts with the different planets. Based on what the major factor it is impacting there is an additional lesson on that. It is a close knit group that gives support to each other through sharing and discussing individual experiences.


The following classes are taught periodically:


Maximizing Wellness through Ayurveda - 2 part class

1st class- general concepts of living a balanced life, finding out your dosha and your imbalances

2nd class- broken down into groups according to your dosha, learning about what in particular makes you healthy and what makes you feel not so well, getting a better understanding of the foods that you should eat and not eat, and overall in depth information that helps you take control of your health


Stress and it's impact on health -

Get informed as to what is stress and how it really impacts your health. Recent research all points to the costly effect of stress on our body. Learn ways of combating and reversing the effects of stress. This is very essential for we live in a very fast paced life and our body is genetically programed for a more relaxed pace.


Menopause -

As we women pass from one stage of life into the next, our body goes through a series of changes. Learn how to prepare your body so that when you do go through the changes, they have the least impact. As you go through the changes know what you can do to counter each symptom and bring relief to your body. There are many things that change some of which are: hot-flashes, insomnia, weight gain, low libido.


Flexibility -

Flexibility is the key to health.





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